I have found that people who hate to BE judged are the first people to judge others.

Conundrum right?

I believe in getting to know someone, more than one meeting, before you can make any judgements.

How can you know a person on a first meeting? Yes some people make great first impressions. They can be charming, charismatic, but then you dig a little deeper and they may not be very good people. The opposite is true as well, a bad first impression and the person inside might be the most genuine being on the planet.

I have been fortunate to have a number of first meetings. I have been equally fortunate to get to know these people before casting an unfair opinion about them. My favorite people are all a little quirky. A little off center. A little unconventional. Isn’t that what makes a person great?

It makes me heartsick when friends are judged prematurely. I am the first to go to bat for a person, even when they are undeserving. Anyone who knows me knows that. You never know a person’s story. You don’t know what pain they hold in their quivering hearts, what sadness pulls on their souls, or what trials of a day weigh heavily on a mind.

I am a people person. I understand people well. I can see why people think and feel the way they do. It is what makes me a wonderful teacher. It makes me a wonderful friend. I makes me a phenomenal girlfriend. It also makes keeping solid friendships and relationships difficult. I know why others make the choices they do, but they do not seem to always return the sentiment. I know I’m incredibly empathetic. Almost to a fault.

I have finally surrounded myself with some of the most amazing people. I am luckily finding my circle widening more and getting to know even more wonderfully unique people. I am very lucky. I fit into a number of different “types” of people. What makes them all the same though is that they are genuine. They are full of love and life. They inspire me to be more, to do more.

Wouldn’t the world be so much lovelier if people tried understanding before judging?


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