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My Fitness Journey

My Fitness Journey

Saturday I made a huge decision to become beachbody coach. I have been contemplating doing it for a very long time and yesterday my coach gave me the best kind of push he possibly could and I went ahead and committed. That’s the key to fitness anyway- commitment. I may as well jump in 100% … Continue reading

Female Friends

At some point I missed out on having those close girlfriends. I’ve wracked my brain- part of me wanted to blame a terrible ex-boyfriend. I realized it wasn’t true, we were long distance after all  and he wasn’t really limiting me friendship wise. I think honestly I spent time investing in the wrong girls. The … Continue reading


I have found that people who hate to BE judged are the first people to judge others. Conundrum right? I believe in getting to know someone, more than one meeting, before you can make any judgements. How can you know a person on a first meeting? Yes some people make great first impressions. They can … Continue reading